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The Last Tide is the story of Solca Vis, a young woman who has been magically transported from the Philippines to a barren island at the edge of Innworld. 

An Innverse story created in collaboration with Cloudscape Comics.


Book One of The Last Tide includes the complete story of Solca Vis so far. The first section of this book (pages 1 to 72) was originally released as a separate eBook labelled Part 1. The remainder of Book 1 is completely new material, expanding on Solca's adventurers on a barren island at the edge of the Innworld.


This version of the book does not include the prose or any other Kickstarter specific rewards and the hardcover version of the comic was available for Kickstarter backers only.


Please note that The Wandering Inn Store does not fulfill The Last Tide and all order and support questions should be directed to Cloudscape Comics.


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